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A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this software works.
  • 1. What is WhatsApp Marketing Software?
    It is a desktop application supported for Windows 7 and later versions. It allows you to send thousands of messages to your customers without saving any contact in your phone.
  • 2. Is this product legal?
    Yes, all the products sold on Woxmedia Solution are completely legal and fall under GNU General Public License.
  • 3. What OS is supported with this software?
    This software will install in Windows 7 and later versions. The windows must also have the latest Microsoft .net framework installed to run this software. If you have updated framework then you can use it on Win 7,8. Microsoft stop providing framework updates on previous versions windows 7, 8 so please try to use in win 10 64 bit 4GB RAM. This software is not supported in mac.
  • 4. Would I pay extra cost for each message?
    No, you will only be going to purchase the license. There is no extra cost or hidden charges for each message sent.
  • 5. Is the payment secure?
    Yes, we use Razorpay which is one the best and most secure payment gateways in the world. All your information is secured and 100% safe.
  • 6. What anti blocking system
    In our software, we added some features for blocking prevention. (Please read all details line by line before start using this software.) You can set 3 – 5 types of msg for your customer, Our software sends your massages randomly to your customer in campaigns. You can set any type of introducing word (Hi/Hello/Namaste), Our software sends your introducing word randomly to your customer in campaigns. You can also set the connection speed in Our software with your WhatsApp. You can add “delay between messages”like 20 Second to 40 seconds Our software randomly use your sate time campaigns. You can also add sleep between sending.Like, you can set add pose after 10 msg for 5 seconds. Auto Reply Mode: Building Reply Cascading Menu& Add Keyword Rules Newly Introduced Dual Mode: Safe Mode (Contact that you already have a conversation with them) & Blind Mode (It will send to all contacts that you import) Also don’t spam your customer. Send messages only potential buyers. whatsapp up number band/block, is fully depend on your customer reports. if 10 customer reports in 1 month, then whatsapp band your number. If your whatsapp block/band then you need to contact whatsapp directly for unblocking. You can use our software with any & unlimited whattsapp no. even if your whatsapp no is block by whatsapp, you can use any other whattsApp number in our software.
  • 7. Is Woxmedia Solution developer of these products?
    No, Woxmedia Solution Pro is not linked or affiliated with developers of any of these products.
  • 8. Do you provide technical support?
    No, we do not provide any technical support. We minimize the cost and sell at lower rates by eliminating the support. You can refer to YouTube or other articles on the internet for any of your queries. We ensure all our software are updated and working perfectly, beyond that we would not be able to do much.
  • 9. Is there any extra discount?
    No, all our products are discounted and fairly cheaper than any product available on the market.
  • 10. Can I get a refund?
    No, once you get access to products, there is no refund policy available. Since the products can be downloaded immediately, it will not be possible to give a refund. However, if you face any difficulty, please drop an email.
  • 11. How can you sell at so less prices?
    Yes, we can sell at low prices because we do not offer 6-month support generally offered by developers. We also do no offer keys for automatic updates. We do provide updates, but that are to be updated manually.
  • 12. Is license key required to activate the products?
    All the products are according to the GNU “General Public License (GPL)” therefore is no need to use any License Key to run any software from this website. We do not offer release, lease or resell license keys, You need License keys only if you want from the Author to send you the Automatic Updates and support or other plugins created by the Author.

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