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Tips for Sending Whatsapp SMS from Your PC

Bulk WhatsApp Sender is not affiliated or a part of WhatsApp. Bulk WhatsApp Sender is an independent software developed just to facilitate sending WhatsApp messages to your  Customers / friends & relatives from PC.


We strongly encourage you to use it correctly.

WhatsApp marketing features are not intended to mass message people or spam them, it is intended to send congratulations, greetings and special invitation messages to family, friends, and people you know, please use responsibly.

If you decide to misuse these features, you might put your WhatsApp account at risk of permanently getting blocked.


How to Use WhatsApp Bulk Sender & Tricks!

  • WhatsApp sender made only for transnational purpose.

  • Never use newly activated number for promotion after activating new whatsApp account For 4-10 days chat normally with your saved contacts. if you realy want to send bulk promotion to your customer Buy New sim use 7-30 Days normally by sending Hi, Hello Good morning message, to your contacts and Joining some whats app group.

  • If your number is old with whatsApp you can still Send 50-300-500 transnational message at once to your customers.

  • You should sent message only who not report you as spam!! or block you on WhatsApp.

  • 30 blocks or reported as spam may cause your WhatsApp Number ban on whats app

  • Join Open Groups Make conversation their Use the Dual App Option in mobile to clone Multiple WhatsApp Account.

  • We Don’t Recommend you to send BIG BULK through any WhatsApp Sender Software due to WhatsApp algorithm. 

  • You can still urban your number by sending mail to whats app support just search youtube how to unban WhatsApp number.

  • We not responsible for any illegal Activates. Please carefully know all T/C before use.

Important Note!
This Licence Key/Activate Key Work Only One Time on Single PC use only.
If you Format Your Pc or Remove Software Then Reactivate Charge Extra Rs.300 Apply.

Please Don't send more than 50 in a go and more than 500 in a day to prevent banning of your account

Simply do not Spam If multiple people Report you, WhatsApp might temporarily block/ban your number.

Anyone Guaranteeing you that number won't be blocked is lying.


Call: 7737804913 | WhatsApp Support: 9468515981 | Email:

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